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DDJ-AGENT primarily acts as an agent, starting up a local office or representation, with a focus on operation and field presence in mind.

With this local point of contact, technology vendors get closer to their customers and users.

Our representation usually includes sales and trading.

We also bring our expertise in marketing, in order to help you in establishing a relevant channel strategy, or translating and adapting your marketing materials to local considerations.

DDJ-AGENT can contribute to your marketing strategy too, by providing market inputs or channel and partnership investigations.


We also act as a one-stop-shop for users and customers. We are a source of inspiration for you, who can consult DDJ-AGENT and collect directions and advices over new technologies in your interest.

Having us involved early in your project allows DDJ-AGENT to turn you to adequate technologies and technology vendors to bring their best support for a smooth and seamless integration.

Technology vendors in their turn benefit from a better and earlier view of qualified opportunities.


We specialise in 2 domains:

1/ Telecom and Network equipments and solutions, for infrastructure and terminals,

2/ Electronics components and devices, for their software, hardware and tools.


At DDJ-AGENT you will find niche products mostly, where our expertise and spirit best work, from the inception of a project up-till the deal is closed. Dedication and specialisation are the two success factors that you need to find within your local representation, when your technology addresses niches markets. We do well understand this nature of your business at DDJ-AGENT.