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All representations are mission based with a clear definition of objectives and means to reach the goals. Here are some references for current or past representations and partnerings:


SEMICap'tronic, compétitivité et innovation des PME par l'électronique et le logiciel embarqué






  IoT Planet Grenoble










Some missions may not require a representation or may be bound in time, but with precise business goals. Here is an abstract of past Business Practices:

  • Starting and managing a local sales office in France
  • Transformation to a product company and 1st product plan
  • Prospection and market analysis for an innovative product in the field of safety electronics
  • Extraction of qualified leads from a contact database
  • Penetration of a European account with international sites
  • Bidding to Telecom RFQs for commodity devices
  • Speaker at a round-table in French during a trade show
  • Consultant in setting up a new marketing policy for a manufacturing equipment vendor
  • Coaching of a sales team in their prospection into new territories